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What Should I Expect?

Preparing For Your MRI


MRI of Reston is located on the Reston Hospital Campus in medical office building 1800, in Suite 115. When arriving for your appointment, we request you plan to arrive 20 minutes early – unless otherwise instructed. Remember to bring a photo ID (driver’s license), your insurance card and the order for the MRI. MRIs use very strong magnets and radiofrequency waves to generate images. Because of this, you will be asked to remove all jewelry and to empty your pockets. Many MRI procedures will require you change for the exam. Our facility offers accommodations to include your own changing room for securing your personal belongings and a second waiting area designed for those individuals who were required to change for the exam.

MRI Reston Patient Experience

One of our technologists will work with you every step of the exam.

  • Prior to beginning your exam, your technologist will review the screening forms with you as well as the symptoms prompting your visit.

  • As the exam time varies from procedure to procedure, your technologist will work to make you comfortable prior to starting the exam.

  • Hearing protection will be provided in the form of ear plugs, ear phones or both.

  • Your technologist will outline a communication plan for the exam and provide details on how long the exam will take, as well as any special instructions.

  • Finally, following completion of the procedure, your technologist will provide you with a copy of the images (CD) for your records.

First Hand Patient-Experiences with MRI of Reston...

MRI Reston Patient Experience


“Thank you so much for helping me get through my MRI today. Your staff is amazing…they held my hand.”

--Stan B.

“The MRI technologist was excellent, made extra efforts to make me comfortable and took steps to complete the imaging despite the discomfort associated with my injury.”

--John T.

“I love the open MRI. I also was impressed with the lack of waiting time for the appointment – both in scheduling and when I arrived. Nice people!”

--Anita S.

“This visit was my second visit to this facility and both times I was extremely happy with the facility and staff. My future appointments are definitely going to be scheduled at Reston MRI!”

--Tom S.

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