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True Open MRI

MRI Reston Open

Many physicians are reluctant to send their patients for open MRI scans, since the quality of the images have historically provided limited detail when compared to those scans from closed systems. At MRI of Reston, we are changing history.

Our NEW state-of-the-Art 1.2T Fuji high-field and existing 1.2T Hitachi high-field are true open MRI scanners. They offer closed MRI image quality in an open scanner.  We boast the industry's ONLY true open magnet which provides diagnostic images that frequently exceed the quality of competitors' closed 1.5T scanners. Physicians and patients can relax in knowing they are receiving the high resolution images necessary for accurate diagnosis in a patient friendly environment.

This scanning option is ideal for bariatric imaging, pediatric imaging and those individuals who find a traditional, closed MRI confining and uncomfortable. Both our 1.2T scanners are built for patient comfort! They boasts the industry’s widest table at 82cm and the highest patient weight limit at 600lbs. The imaging suite is also designed to be patient friendly with windows on two walls allowing a more “open” feel.

MRI Reston Open Oasis
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