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Rapid Screening Breast MRI

Rapid Screening Breast MRI is a new diagnostic tool designed for women with an intermediate risk of getting Breast Cancer and/or dense breasts on mammography. Rapid Screening Breast MRI increases the ability to detect cancer that may not be visualized on your Mammogram with many studies showing detection of an additional 16 cancers per 1000 women screened.

The exam includes IV Contrast for optimal imaging. The procedure will take approximately 10 minutes in the MRI scanner, much shorter than the standard Breast MRI of 35-45 minutes. The Rapid Screening Breast MRI exam is unfortunately not covered by insurances at this time and is considered a Self-Pay procedure. 

Three generations of women

Difference between a Screening Breast MRI and a Standard Breast MRI

Type of MRI

Insurance Coverage


IV Contrast

Scan Time

Screening Breast MRI


Standard Breast MRI






10 Minutes

35-45 Minutes

Breast Cancer Risk Factor Categories for Standard Breast MRI and Rapid Screening Breast MRI

Risk Factor



Normal Mammogram with risk factors such as family history or dense breasts


Women with BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes; immediate family history

Ordering standards for Breast MRI exams

Risk Factors

Exam Type


Standard Breast MRI wwo contrast


Rapid Screening Breast MRI wwo contrast


Standard Breast MRI wwo contrast

The MRI magnet field strength correlates with improved sensitivity of lesion detection which is why MRI of Reston is providing both Rapid Screening and Standard Breast MRI scans on our high-field 3T Wide Bore scanners. We know anxiety and discomfort may be a concern in breast imaging so MRI of Reston puts the focus on YOU. The Wide Bore scanner provides additional space within the scanner without reduction in resolution.

Anti-anxiety medication may be provided by your physician to help ease the anxiety in case of Claustrophobia or other concerns.

Results are read by one of our Fellowship Trained experienced Radiologists within hours of your exam for much faster results to your Physician. 

Images are provided before leaving your appointment in case your Physician needs to view them directly. We are connected to Physicians throughout the Northern Virginia area but recommend bringing the CD with you to your follow-up appointment. 

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